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The JoeLo Show

Sep 2, 2019

Soshy Adelstein joins Joe and Lo this week to explore the topic of body image and the winding path it takes in the lives of so many. Soshy is a public speaker, intuitive eating coach and incredible mother. Her self-started, self-run business leads women through healing their relationships with food, their bodies, and their intuition. The three discuss her journey towards body-empowerment, as well as their overlaps in its evolution.

 We also talk about:

  • Navigating implicit and explicit biases surrounding body size and shape
  • Joe’s experience with messaging in the media as an adolescent and young adult
  • Creating space for the masculine in the discussion on healthy body image
  • The correlation between trauma, dissociation, and eating disorders
  • How unapologetic self-expression can be a path to physical, emotional and spiritual healing


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